Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

Let’s Look At Your Relationships

When in session with me I will explore your issues within the framework of your relationships. When I do sessions with you, I will conduct therapy as if the members of your family were in session with us. I do this by asking questions about your problems within the context of your relationships.

  • Here are some of the questions that I might ask;

  • What do you think your (coworker, wife, mother, etc.) would say about what you just said?

  • What problems are happening as a result of your hidden feelings from your (coworker, wife, mother, etc.).

  • How would you act if your (coworker, wife, mother, etc.) found out?

As you can see, I am interested in helping you solve your problems through the context of your relationships. I have seen many clients with depression or anxiety and we have found the root of their problems stem from a relationship that is need of attention.

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