Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling

Do you and your spouse struggle with intimacy, trust, or communication?  Are you frequently fighting or arguing?  Are you worried about the future of your family and your relationship?

I understand and I’m here for you.

Over time the new “warm fuzzies” wear off and the relationship begins to change – for better or worse.

Some couples experience an emotional drift as the “spark” begins to fade.  Some endure difficulties like infidelity, cheating, and other breaches in trust.  And some are simply looking to revamp their connection, enhance communication, and build a brighter future together.

Regardless, you and your partner are seeking a loving, lasting relationship, and couples counseling can help you get there.

My name is Clyde, and I offer marriage counseling for couples from all over the North Houston area, including Spring, The Woodlands, and Conroe, TX.  I believe that every relationship deserves a second chance.

If you’re interested and ready to sign up for your first session, contact me today or click here to schedule online now.  Or, to learn more about couples counseling and how it can help, read on!

Do we really need couples counseling?

Relationships are all about teamwork. But what happens when your team isn’t working well together?  Well, you can try to sort things out on your own.  You can wait and hope for the storm to blow over.  Or, you can call in some extra outside help.

You don’t have to do this on your own.

Couples counseling (also called couples therapy) is designed to help people deal with some of the most common relationships problems, such as:

  • Poor communication

  • Feeling misunderstood by one another

  • Frequent conflict, fighting or arguing

  • Major life decisions

  • Family stress

  • Abuse and controlling behavior*

  • Issues with sex and intimacy

  • Financial stress

  • Differences in beliefs

  • Difficulty with childrearing and fertility

*When abuse or control has entered into the partnership, some members will feel unable to express themselves or have their needs met.  My priority is your safety, and so if you are in an unsafe or abusive relationship, contact the domestic violence hotline or follow this link.

No matter how bad things might seem, no matter how long you’ve been struggling together, and even when things feel hopeless – therapy can help.

Contact me to get the support your relationship deserves.

How can marriage counseling help?

You and your partner will both meet with me so that I can help you identify the problem, co-create goals and begin working towards fixing the struggles your relationship is facing.

Couples counseling is designed to rebuild and reinforce the three most important aspects of a healthy relationship: trust, intimacy, and commitment.

Trust is all about safety and confidence in one another.  Healthy relationships carry a strong sense of trust in one another, which makes the relationship feel secure, safe, and steady.  When the relationship experiences a violation of trust, such as an affair, the feelings of trust quickly disappear.  Couples therapy can help the two of you work through those sorts of challenging experiences.

Intimacy tends to play a major role in couples’ issues.  Some romantic relationships struggle with sexual and physical intimacy, but most have difficulty with emotional intimacy and vulnerability.  Therapy can help you problem-solve issues with intimacy and help you discover a deeper sense of connection with one another.

Commitment is all about shared dedication and willingness to be there for one another.  Commitment doesn’t need to be marriage or formal partnership, but rather it is the intentional effort made to maintain one another’s needs and expectations.  Relationships that have low levels of commitment tend to feel temporary, unreliable, and unstable.  This can lead to one or both partners acting in self-centered ways, such as cheating or underprioritizing their partner.  Couples counseling can help you overcome these challenges by guiding you through difficult conversations about the goals and values of the relationship.

Every happy, healthy relationship needs these three factors in order to thrive.

But what do you do when something isn’t working?


The key to building trust, enhancing intimacy, and sharing commitment is communication.

Communication is all about how the two of you receive and send each other’s messages.  You need to be able to understand one another and express your needs in order for needs such as intimacy, trust, and commitment to be met.

Ultimately, most of the issues couples struggle with involve communication – which is why couples counseling is so incredibly effective.  Couples counselors are able to observe patterns of communication, identify problems, and offer solutions to help you and your partner work well as a team.

What is therapy like when working with me?

Every relationship deserves a second chance.

All couples counseling sessions happen here in the comfort of my office in Spring, Texas or online.  My building is ADA accessible and features a comfortable waiting area with beverages and a cozy, warm office space.  Online sessions are conducted through a HIPAA compliant video platform.  You, your partner, and I will meet together for an initial session (called an “intake”) to help us get to know each other and for me to hear your goals as a couple.

I utilize a Family Systems approach to couples counseling, which means I pay special attention to your family dynamics, norms and expectations, and social contexts from your story (family culture, religion, education, etc.).

For those that are interested I can also provide a faith based approach that includes biblical principals, scripture and prayer.

As we work together in couples counseling, I strive to help you:

  • Resolve conflict

  • Grow closer together

  • Make decisions as a team

  • Build a future that works for both of you

  • Engage in difficult conversations

  • Work through ruptures in trust

  • Build love maps and use other Gottman methods of attachment

  • Understand and address difficulties with conversation

  • Overcome barriers to intimacy and sexual wellness

  • Support and care for one another

You deserve a happy, healthy relationship.  You deserve an opportunity to reignite the spark.  And you deserve support as you pursue your goals as a couple.

I can help make that happen.

Contact me today to get started.

Interested? Let’s talk! 

Interested in signing up for your first session?  Don’t wait – I would love to hear from you!  I work with adults (18+) from all over Spring, Conroe, The Woodlands, Tomball, North Houston, and beyond.  In addition to couples counseling, I also offer individual therapy for people looking to do personal work.

If you have questions or would like further information, we’d love to help.  Contact us today to get connected with a member of our team.