Marriages experience many issues that include: emotional detachment, financial issues, major life changes, infidelity, or a multitude of other challenges, all of which I can help with. But poor communication is the most common reason couples come to therapy. Miscommunication, communication styles, timing, approach, context and tone are just a few of the intricacies that encompass communication. Improving your communication can solve many other underlying issues. This also works in the opposite direction, resolving personal, deeper issues can also help you communicate more effectively. 

The Never Ending Cycle

The life issues you are facing can  strain your relationship making communication more difficult. Broken communication often results in hard to break patterns of unsuccessful  repair attempts.

Poor communication can cause stonewalling, contempt, criticism and defensiveness. For example, let’s say your partner’s communication style is aggressive with an unrelenting “in-your-face” approach. This may cause you to withdraw and disengage, resulting in frustration which can turn into anger, depression or anxiety.

Couples are so close to their problem that they may not notice the negative cycle. With the help of a therapist these negative patterns can be identified. I can help you see your cycles from a different perspective and offer suggestions for more effective ways of communicating and interacting. 

There’s Hope!

When you work with me, I can help you navigate through all the nuances of your relationship.
Below are some things I look for in your communication styles:

  • what typically happens before an argument

  • attempted solutions

  • how the conflict escalates

  • how you are communicating as opposed to what you’re saying​​

  • approach, tone, timing, word choices​ and context

My Goal For You

We will focus on identifying the negative cycles and create healthier, more effective ways of being by:

  • acquiring new  communication skills

  • understanding yourself and your partner in a deeper way

  • learning how to negotiate through problems more effectively

  • how to argue fairly

Take The Next Step

If you’re ready to improve your communication and break the negative cycle give me a call, and let’s start working towards strengthening your relationship today.